Rummy is simply not just any other playing cards game. It is a wonderful way of analyzing human behavior and psychology. The online version of rummy is an even better judge of the players’ personalities. Rummy winners have been found to have habits that got revealed with the growing popularity of the online game in India. As we educate ourselves about these habits, we are able to understand how the mind of an expert rummy player works.

Reading and analyzing the habits of your expert opponent can help you become a better player of rummy cards online as well as offline.

Top 5Hints that the Opponent is an Expert in Rummy:

  • Experts Choose the Correct Strategy Fast: A rummy patti game needs quick thinking and arrangement of cards for forming a pure sequence fast. If you see your opponent keeping their eyes glued to the cards that are being dealt to them and arranging them meticulously, be certain that you are playing with an expert rummy player.

The definition of right or ideal strategy differs from player to player. For one it might be observing the opponent and doing the necessary mathematical calculations according to the opponent’s discarded or picked cards.  For another, it might be bluffing in one way or the other. A true expert of a rummy game never mixes one strategy with another. They opt for the one they are good at and never drift from it.

  • Rummy Experts are Excellent Observers: If you find your opponent observing all your moves as well as your body language and facial expression keenly, have no doubt that you are dealing with an expert in rummy. 100% focus on the game (which includes the opponents), keen observation, and moves according to those observations are signs that the player is a pro.
  • They have Wise Betting Habits: An expert never gets too excited even when they win the first couple of hands on a streak. A wise offline or online rummy player always sets a limit which they never exceed. If you find your opponent betting moderately even if they are on a winning streak, do know for sure that you are competing with a master.

The real rummy experts bet moderately, raising the chips in small increments only when they have good cards. Those who avoid the extremes and opt for the middle path are the ones who are successful in a rummy tournament or game.

  • A Wise Player Remembers that Rummy is Just a Game: If your opponent never seems to be under any kind of pressure even if they are having a bad day, you can know for sure that he is a true professional. Good players are those who always remember that a loss or a bad day does not mean the end of the world.
  • Intelligent Players Know When to Call it a Day: Most rummy players are eager to spend their winnings on the next Indian Rummy game itself. If you find your opponent hanging up his shoes after a good win and not letting greed control him, be definite that he is a genuine rummy expert.

You will get to play opposite and learn from a number of experts, if you do a rummy game download and play the 13 card game online.