This Wellness Article Is Going Viral For All The Wrong Reasons

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Trump. Brexit. Climate change. It’s only two weeks into 2019 and we’ve already had spiders falling from the sky.

It’s understandable to crave a little bit of self-care, a trend clearly reflected in our Internet histories. Search results for “wellness” has almost doubled over the past 10 years, with a particularly noticeable spike in February 2017.

But while we credit the wellness movement for encouraging people to prioritize their mental wellbeing, we have to admit, at a certain point, it goes way too far. That point is gushing about the life-changing benefits of hyperbaric oxygen chambers, human chargers, and pink coconut water. Because white coconut water, apparently, is just not hydrating enough.

These are just a few of the frankly bizarre wellness practices mentioned in a recent Times article, which has gone viral for all the wrong best reasons.

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There’s a “wellness” article in The Times today that has finally convinced me the people won’t live longer it’ll just feel like it. Look how BUSY these 3 are, all before 9am


2:52 PM – Jan 12, 2019
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My favourite is the dude who thinks we are blessed because Pret sell charcoal


2:55 PM – Jan 12, 2019
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Not all of the suggestions made in the article are too wild (think: green smoothies and blue-light blocking shades), but others make Goop’s hormone-regulating jade eggs sound vaguely plausible. Take, for example, nail beds, quartz crystals, and salt lamps said to absorb radioactivity.

One person recalls going barefoot to receive electrons from the Earth.

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Sure are a lot of Brand Names going on for being in touch with one’s self

Robbie D. Keyring@rdkieran

Now available: Electrons™ by The Earth


5:54 PM – Jan 12, 2019
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Another respondent reports waking up extra early to ensure he has time to rehydrate, meditate, and, erm, re-charge with his HumanCharger before heading off to work. These sleek-looking devices promise to increase energy levels and mood and prevent jet lag by channeling a bright light through your ears, straight to the light-sensitive areas of the brain. It receives mixed reviews on Amazon and the science is murky at best, as one Guardian reviewer puts it. Experts suggest it works just as well as a placebo.

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I just can’t get past the HumanCharger. A BED is a human charger!


4:22 PM – Jan 12, 2019
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Kerala nun slams article against her in newspaper associated with catholic church

She invited the wrath of Church leadership for demanding the arrest of rape accused Bishop Franco Mulakkal

A catholic nun, who took part in a street protest here against a rape-accused bishop some months ago, continued to draw flak with a pro-church daily slamming her on Thursday for violating norms, even as she dubbed it as an “attempt to humiliate” her.

This comes days after the Franciscan Clarist Congregation (FCC) served a notice to Sister Lucy Kalappura accusing her of leading a life, which was against the “principles of religious life“.

The warning notice was issued after the nun had posted her photo wearing a ‘Salwar Kameez’ on her Facebook page, bought a car and published a poetry collection, even after she was denied permission by the church authorities.

Reacting to the article published in the Malayalam newspaper, the nun said she had no regret over whatever she had done.

“I am a person observing all vows and I have no regret in whatever I have done,” the nun, belonging to FCC, said.

“The article is an attempt to humiliate me through the media. But, I will not give up,” she said.

The daily predominately, run by Catholic priests and lay persons, carried a lengthy article in its editorial page against the actions of the nun without naming her.

The article, penned by a Noble Parakkal, accused the nun of insulting the church through her acts, taking part in the protest against the bishop without seeking permission, posting her photo on social media and grabbing media attention by spreading lies.

Accuses male priests

Sister Lucy had invited the wrath of the Church leadership by participating in a street protest here by five nuns belonging to the Catholic religious order Missionaries of Jesus demanding the arrest of Bishop Franco Mulakkal, who was accused of raping a nun.

The nun said the article accused her of violating the law and disciplines of the church at a time when several male priests were continuing to live an “unethical” life, she said.

In its notice sent earlier this week, the FCC had accused Sister Lucy Kalapura belonging to FCC’s St Mary’s province in Mananthavady, of leading a life, which was against the “principles of religious life” and the rule of congregation.

The congregation termed as “grave violations” a nun taking license, buying a car, taking a loan for it and publishing a book spending money without permission and knowledge of her superiors.

The provincial superior had denied permission to Sister Lucy to publish her collection of poems.

Book publishing

She, however, published her book “Snehamazhayil” without seeking permission from her superiors.

The congregation had also called as “grave scandal” the Nun participating in discussions in TV news channels and writing articles for non-Christian newspapers “making false accusations against Catholic leadership and belittling it.”


More Than 500 Charged For Drink Driving On New Year’s Eve In Delhi

More Than 500 Charged For Drink Driving On New Year's Eve In Delhi

Around 15,000 police personnel were deployed on New Year’s Eve. (File)

New Delhi: More than 500 people were fined by the Delhi Police on New Year’s Eve for drink driving, officials said today.

Around 15,000 police personnel were deployed across the national capital on New Year’s Eve and special traffic arrangements were made, the police said.

A total of 509 challans were issued for drink-and-drive cases, they said


India To Have Highest Number Of Births On New Year’s Day

India To Have Highest Number Of Births On New Year's Day

Globally, around 18 per cent of total baby births are estimated to take place in India only.

New Delhi: 

Prediction of the United Nations about India to be the world’s most populous country in the 21st century may soon turn into a reality as the nation is likely to produce as many as 69,944 babies on New Year’s Day. Globally, around 18 per cent of total baby births are estimated to take place in India only.

As per the latest data compiled by the United Nations, over 69,944 children will be born in India on New Year’s Day followed by China and Nigeria with 44,940 babies and 25,685 babies respectively.

“This New Year Day, let’s all make a resolution to fulfil every right of every girl and boy, starting with the right to survive,” said Yasmin Ali Haque, UNICEF India Representative.

She also stressed upon the need to invest in training and equipping local health workers so that every newborn is born into a safe pair of hands.

Moreover, India’s neighbour Pakistan (15,112 babies) has been placed fourth in the list followed by Indonesia (13,256 babies), The United States of America (1,086  babies), The Democratic Republic of Congo (10,053 babies) and Bangladesh (8,428  babies).

Home to approx 1.3 billion people, India at present is the second most populous country in the world, after China. According to UN estimates, India’s population will slip past China by 2024.

As per the researchers at Yale University, a relatively young age structure also contributes to India’s population growth.

“The median age in India is 27 years, compared to 38 years for China. Children under age 18 account for one-third of India’s population as compared with one-fifth of China’s,” the University stated in its report titled “India’s Population: Becoming Number One”.

The report further highlighted that New Delhi has achieved notable progress in reducing mortality rates.

“Life expectancy at birth increased from 44 years in the mid-1960s to 68 years today. India’s child mortality rate at 38 per 1,000 births still lags behind China’s rate of 11,” the Yale University report read.


Early marriage and pregnancy still contribute to excessive maternal deaths, and life expectancy of Indian women is eight years less than their counterparts in China,” the report added.


Bajaj Auto’s Two-Wheeler Sales Grew By 31% In December 2018

Bajaj Auto’s Two-Wheeler Sales Grew By 31% In December 2018

Bajaj Auto today released its sales numbers for the month of December 2018, registering a total growth of 31 per cent in two-wheeler sales. The company sold a total of 298,855 units in the last month of 2018, against the 228,762 units sold in December 2017. Growth in the domestic market was much better with the company selling 157,252 two-wheelers in December 2018, registering an increase of 39 per cent, compared to the 112,930 motorcycles sold during the same month last year. Exports, at the same time, went up by 22 per cent, with 141,603 units, against the 115,832 motorcycles that were exported in December 2017.


Don’t Waste Time On Narendra Modi, Sonia Gandhi: AAP After PM’s Interview

Don't Waste Time On Narendra Modi, Sonia Gandhi: AAP After PM's Interview

New Delhi: The AAP Tuesday said instead of “wasting” time talking about Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress leader Sonia Gandhi, issues concerning the people needs to be discussed.

Reacting to PM Modi’s televised interview, senior Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader and Rajya Sabha lawmaker Sanjay Singh said the NDA government at the centre is in its last days and the words of an “outgoing” Prime Minister will have no effect.

In an interview broadcast by various television channels, PM Modi talked about a host of issues including the surgical strikes, the Ram temple’s construction and personal attacks on him by the Congress.

“It is need of the hour today to discuss issues that concern people of the country rather than wasting time on Narendra Modi and Sonia Gandhi,” Mr Singh said reacting to the PM’s interview.

Farmers are forced to throw vegetables and milk on the road, women feel insecure, the youth are disenchanted and still, PM Modi is avoiding his promises to all of them, he said.

“Modi will have to explain what happened to his promises to the people. Not even a single penny of black money came back after demonetisation although over 100 people died due to it,” he said.

Mr Singh said if the Prime Minister felt that the people should wait for the court’s judgment on the Ram temple issue then why the BJP was creating “animosity” in the country in its name.


TVS Registers 6 Per Cent Sales Growth In December 2018

TVS Registers 6 Per Cent Sales Growth In December 2018 View Photos

TVS Motor Company registered a positive end to the last calendar year with a 6 per cent growth in December 2018 sales. The company sold 271,395 units last month, as against 256,870 units sold in December 2017. The manufacturer’s sales performance was on the rise across all segments including two-wheelers by 4 per cent, three-wheelers by 37 per cent, while and 26 per cent for export operations. The company also recorded a 19 per cent hike in volumes for the third quarter (October-December 2018) for the current financial year, over the same period last year.

In the two-wheeler segment, TVS sold 258,709 units in December 2018, growing by 4 per cent over 247,591 units sold in December 2017. Domestic two-wheeler sales meanwhile, increasing by 1 per cent up from 209,906 units last month, to 207,739 units sold in December 2017. Scooter sales grew by 9 per cent to 91,480 units in December last year, up from 86,638 units sold during the last month of 2017. TVS sold 107,189 motorcycles in December 2018, witnessing a 13 per cent hike in volumes as compared to 95,246 units sold in December 2017.


TVS Bikes

Ntorq 125

Apache RTR 160 4V

Apache RTR 180

Apache RR 310

Apache RTR 160



Apache RTR 200 4V


Star City Plus

XL 100

Scooty Pep Plus

Scooty Zest 110

XL 100 Comfort




The Hosur-based bike maker’s three-wheeler business grew as well with TVS retailing 12,686 units last month, a healthy growth of 37 per cent over 9279 units sold in December 2017. International sales too witnessed a jump for the Apache maker, which shipped a total of 60,262 units last month, a growth of 26 per cent over 47,818 units exported in December 2017. Two-wheeler exports contributed 48,803 units to total volumes shipped overseas, a growth of 22 per cent as compared to 39,852 two-wheelers shipped in December 2017.


For the third quarter of the current financial year, TVS sold a total of 9.50 lakh two-wheelers between October and December 2018, growing by 19 per cent from 7.99 lakh units sold during the same period of the previous fiscal. Three-wheeler sales grew by 47 per cent during the same period up by 47 per cent from 0.27 lakh units between October-December 2017 to 0.40 lakh units sold in the last three months of 2018.