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A man preparing for the civil services examination has been detained for allegedly sending an email last week to Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal’s office threatening to kidnap the AAP leader’s daughter.

The man in his mid-twenties was detained from Uttar Pradesh and is being brought to Delhi from Rae Bareilly, a senior police officer said on the condition of anonymity. He is yet to be arrested.

The officer said the man, a graduate, has been living in Delhi for the last one-and-a-half years and preparing for the UPSC examination.

The chief minister’s office received two to three emails last Wednesday, in which the anonymous sender had threatened to kidnap and harm Kejriwal’s daughter, Harshita.

“In the email, the unknown sender has claimed that they will harm the chief minister’s daughter and have challenged him to do whatever he can do to protect her,” a senior officer had said.

A Delhi Police constable was temporarily deployed for the security of Kejriwal’s daughter and to shadow her whenever she goes out, the senior official had said on condition of anonymity.

“Despite the threat e-mails, Kejriwal or his family members did not ask for any security cover themselves. The constable assigned for Kejriwal’s daughter’s security accompanied her to her office in Gurugram on Friday. He went to the CM’s house on Saturday as well,” an officer privy to the investigation said.

Harshita, a chemical engineering graduate from Indian Institute Technology (IIT) Delhi, works for a multinational company in Gurugram.

Kejriwal has been attacked in the past. In November last year, a man had thrown chilli powder at the chief minister inside the Delhi Secretariat, one of the most protected buildings in the national capital. The incident drew condemnation from the AAP, which accused the Bharatiya Janata Party of orchestrating these attacks. The BJP denied the allegations.

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Before that, he has had ink, shoes, slippers and fists thrown at him.